AngelMoon Girl's Fandom Sanctum

Female. 22. United States.
Writer. Fanvidder. Occasional artist.

Completely and utterly obsessed with:
Bones. Once Upon a Time. Fringe. NCIS. Castle. Harry Potter. Alias. Friends. Sailor Moon. Touched by an Angel. Roswell. The Hunger Games. Sherlock. The Office. Pretear. Little House on the Prairie.

I Ship: Booth/Brennan (Bones). Snow White/ Prince Charming (Once Upon a Time). Peter/Olivia (Fringe). Tony/Ziva (NCIS). Castle/Beckett (Castle). Sydney/Vaughn (Alias). Usagi/Mamoru (Sailor Moon). Irina/Jack (Alias). Liz/Max (Roswell). Ross/Rachel (Friends).

I also have an intense affinity for any parent/child relationship in all of my shows. Of these, you'll probably notice that I have a particularly soft spot for Snow/Charming/Emma, Emma/Henry, Brennan/Booth/Christine, Olivia/Peter/Etta, and Irina/Jack/Sydney.

I have also been known to fangirl over: Ginnifer Goodwin. Emily Deschanel. Cote de Pablo. David Boreanaz. Michael Weatherly. Anna Torv. Josh Dallas. Stana Katic. Nathan Fillion. Lena Olin. Jennifer Garner. Jennifer Morrison. Joshua Jackson. Benedict Cumberbatch. Martin Freeman.
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